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  • A Saliva Test for Autism?

    I just came across this article on DisabilityScoop that details the recent findings that kids with autism have different protien levels in their saliva than those who don’t have ASD. Just published in the journal Autism Research, the study has quite a small sample size (n=12), but nevertheless presents intriguing results that they are currently… (read more)

  • Research Tuesday – Racial Disparity in Autism Identification

    Boy . . . this Research Tuesday crept up on me big time. But sometimes, when you’re in a pinch, the universe helps out a little bit, and I feel like that’s what happened with this article. It isn’t something that I’d necessarily seek out, but ended up being a great thing to read and… (read more)

  • 5 Tips for Supporting Learning for Kiddos with High-Functioning ASD

    I recently came across a post in a homeschooling forum in which a mama of a little guy with Asperger syndrome was looking for ideas to support his learning at home. I have always admired any parent who has the courage to open up and ask for help, so, first and foremost, kudos to the… (read more)

  • Consider Your Delivery

    As we approach Better Hearing & Speech Month (May), we might consider our delivery of facts, diagnoses, advice, and resources. A recent story on NPR detailed how a campaign to educate parents on the facts behind vaccines and autism, may not be changing parents’ behavior. Researchers at Dartmouth College have found that individual’s behavior may… (read more)

  • What’s in a Name?

    The New York Times reported that revamping the definition of autism, by making it more stringent and emphasizing “classical autistic,” or more severe, symptoms, could exclude many people and sharply curtail the trend of rising diagnoses.  The symptoms would still remain, obviously, but the categories could shift significantly. The proposed change would consolidate all three… (read more)

  • Do Autistic Children Have More Brain Cells?

    In research reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, scientists at the University of California, San Diego, found that autistic children have about 67% more nerve cells than children without autism. There’s growing evidence that the brains of autistic children are very different from the brains of other youngsters. Now a new study… (read more)