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  • April is OT, Joke, and Autism Acceptance Month!

    April is everything month: including OT, National Humor (aka Joke) and Autism Acceptance Month. Talk about things that tick all our boxes at the clinic! Jokes Let’s start with the humor. We kicked of Joke Month on April Fools’ Day, of course, and it’s a major hit. We have big joke posters hanging in our… (read more)

  • The Autism Society Annual Conference – A Recap

    Forward! The Wisconsin state motto felt appropriate as Sharon Soliday and I ventured to Milwaukee, WI for the Autism Society annual national conference last week. We were there as vendors, speaking to people about online speech therapy, our new platform, and our company. Never having been to Milwaukee or the Autism Society’s national conference, we… (read more)

  • Research Bite: Long-Term Benefits of Parent-Led Early Intervention for Kids with ASD

    Research Bite

    A group of researchers in the UK have published a study in The Lancet that indicates significant long-term benefits of parent led social communication intervention for young children with autism. What do these findings mean? Well, a couple of things. First, it is as-good-as-it-gets evidence that intensive, parent-involved early intervention around social communication skills has benefits that… (read more)

  • Lack of Diversity in Research on Autism

    Research Bite

    Calling all SLPs! A new study published in the Journal of Special Education found a lack of cultural and ethnic diversity in research done with children with autism. Researchers at the University of Washington found that out of the studies that report race, 63.5% of participants were white and 20.6% were multi-racial. In contrast, black,… (read more)

  • A couple of great Autism Acceptance videos from Apple

    Autism Acceptance Month

    No matter where you fall in the Apple versus  Microsoft debate, its hard to argue with Apple’s ability to tug at our heartstrings with their creative – and sometimes emotional – ad campaigns. As part of Autism Acceptance Month, Apple has created two videos showcasing Dillon, a middle school student with ASD who uses an… (read more)

  • A Saliva Test for Autism?

    I just came across this article on DisabilityScoop that details the recent findings that kids with autism have different protien levels in their saliva than those who don’t have ASD. Just published in the journal Autism Research, the study has quite a small sample size (n=12), but nevertheless presents intriguing results that they are currently investigating with… (read more)