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  • Clinic COVID-19 Update

    Hello, Clinic Family! It’s been a tough week for us all, but we’re happy to report a few bright spots as we work hard to find ways to serve you and your family during this truly unprecedented time. But first, a less-than-bright spot: we are extending our closure through April 28th, 2020. We are doing… (read more)

  • Announcing the Telepractice Training Course

    As mentioned in our COVID-19 update post on Monday, we’re excited to announce that our Telepractice Training Course is now available to the public for the first time. We developed this 3-module, self-paced course to give our clinicians a comprehensive overview of the basics of telepractice and made the decision on Monday to share it… (read more)

  • COVID-19: How We’re Responding

    Almost a year ago, our Leadership Team gathered together for their annual discussion of our company-wide, year-long theme. We chose All Together Now because it represented the “all boats rise” philosophy we bring to our work. Of course, we had no way of knowing then what we know now, that we would be leaning on… (read more)

  • Clinic Closure

    Thank you for all your patience and understanding in the last few weeks. Things have been changing rapidly and, as ever, we are inspired by the way our big clinic family comes together in times like this. To align with the decision by Gov. Brown to close schools in Oregon beginning Monday, 3/16/20 through 3/31/20,… (read more)

  • Entrepreneur Truth Telling In Telehealth

    If you’re betting big on technology in this revolution, it’s the wrong bet. Privately held companies keep their thinking and strategy close to the vest. Our goals, strategies and metrics are the secret sauce of our businesses. If we share these things out loud we risk someone else crossing our own finish line. But sometimes… (read more)

  • Save Yourself: 8 Workload Reduction Tips for SLPs

    Just about 5 years ago, a few of us were talking about caseload frustrations and came up with a list of quick ideas that SLPs could use to reduce their workloads. We made a little SlideShare with our tips and set it loose on the internet in the hopes that it would help our fellow… (read more)