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  • Ignite

    At Hello, we know that a tiny spark can start something big. Our people know the power of a single word of encouragement, a kernel of an idea, a lone voice of advocacy, an unsteady first step. They know that just one small ember has the power to transform the future, bringing bring light into… (read more)

  • Meet Emily, the FosterClub Outstanding Young Leader Hello Foundation 2021 Scholarship Winner

    Blonde, white woman wearing striped tank top, smiling; text around her announcing scholarship and sponsors

    We’re thrilled to announce the recipient of the Outstanding Young Leader Hello Foundation 2021 Scholarship, Emily Murray.  FosterClub shares, “Emily is from Colorado, but currently attends law school in Philadelphia. She has two bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Spanish. Her dream is to become a foster parent and attorney for foster and/or immigrant youth. Emily… (read more)

  • 2731 kids?! Take a look at THF 2020, by the numbers

    An unprecedented year. A year like no other. A year for the history books. Uncharted. Unseen. Unheard of. Unknown. How many blog posts, emails, news articles, and social media posts have used these words in the last 10 months? Far, far, far too many to count, of course, which seems entirely appropriate for a year… (read more)

  • We Got . . . A Virtual Holiday Party and Our Annual Winter Give Project

    The annual THF winter party is a beloved tradition around here and pandemic or not, we weren’t about to let December pass without some sort of celebration. But what would that look like? After much discussion, we decided to call our beloved intranet up for party duty. Our intranet works hard for us every day,… (read more)

  • DIY Speech Therapy for Parents

    5/21/20 Update: We had such fun hosting this event! You are now able to watch the replay, below, as well as download the free resources we discussed in the webinar. Thanks to everyone who attended, and we look forward to seeing you at another one in the near future. We’re hosting a webinar! Join us… (read more)

  • GIVE Project at Children’s Book Bank

    What is your favorite childhood book? Mine is Corduroy. Or maybe The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I had tens and tens of books to choose from as a child. I also had people who could and would read to me. However, I learned last Tuesday evening, at The Children’s Book Bank, that often children, specifically in lower-income… (read more)