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  • Back to School Staffing Challenges – 6 Creative Solutions

    staffing challenges

    Every special education administrator’s back-to-school wish list includes starting the school year fully staffed. There are dreams of a department full of smiling faces excitedly greeting students on the first day. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. All is right with the world.  (Record scratch) That’s not what we’re talking about today.  Staffing… (read more)

  • Ask your OT: Support from another perspective

    Ask Your OT

    April is Occupational Therapy Month! The American Occupational Therapy Association is celebrating this year as the year of empowering independence for their clients — certainly a goal SLPs and OTs share! In that spirit, I thought I might offer some of the ways I work with my OT partners to improve service for kids across… (read more)

  • Moving towards… Practicing at the Top of My License

    top of the license

    The most rewarding and most challenging part of my work as a school-based SLP is my role as a member of many different teams. I work collaboratively with my SLPA, paraprofessionals, multiple special educators, teachers, principals, parents, not to mention occupational therapists, autism specialists, physical therapists, assistive technology specialists… you get the picture. I love… (read more)

  • Your Fall Workload – Review (and Review Again)

    fall workload review

    Here it is. October. Whether you started this fall in a brand-new-to-you placement or settled into a new year in a familiar place, by mid-October, you’ve got a pretty good idea of your workload, your team members, your resources. But sometimes things haven’t come together so seamlessly. Sometimes, the drowning feeling makes you pretty sure… (read more)

  • Work-Life Balance Through Self-Care

    self care

    So, last week got a little crazy. My husband got a concussion playing soccer, my in-laws were in town for a 10-day visit, and my caseload at the high school where I work reached 99 kids. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when I woke up Friday morning with a runny nose, a scratchy… (read more)

  • Plan Ahead – Advocate for Your Workload!

    advocate for your workload: plan ahead

    As a school-based SLP, there is lots to plan — the session this afternoon, the craft project and literacy center for next week, an evidence-based approach to therapy for the tricky student who’s still struggling, a plan of assessment for the for another student — lots of planning, and all needs to be done in… (read more)