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  • One Model, Infinite Implementations: 3 Winning Telepractice Designs

    3 winning telepractice designs

    Administrators and clinicians are asking questions about telepractice and how to use it in school-based settings across the country. These discussions are full of all sorts of calculations about money and time, assumptions about what can and can’t be done, and worries about what sacrifices must be made.   At Hello, we’ve been at this… (read more)

  • 3 Tips for Talking So Administrators Will Listen

    how to talk so admin will listen

    Any SLP in the schools knows that they wear many hats, only one of which is the therapist-hat. Depending on the building, other hats might include scheduling secretary, preventionist, collaborator, mediator, compliance specialist, and most certainly, advocate. In their advocate hat, SLPs advocate for and to students, families, teachers, but they might find themselves most… (read more)

  • Practicing at the Top of Your License: The ABCs of Delegation

    Even if you’ve never heard the phrase “practicing at the top of your license,” you probably instinctively know what it means: it is the idea that skilled professionals should engage primarily in activities that require their level of expertise and skill. This concept maintains that skilled professionals spending their time on unskilled tasks or tasks… (read more)

  • Compliance: 3 Tasks for SLPs


    When I get questions from school-based SLPs around compliance, it usually has to do with workload, e.g. “How do I maintain compliance when I don’t have enough time to do everything that needs to be done?” Compliance covers everything from meeting IEP service minutes to managing evaluation timelines and deadlines for annual and triennial meeting and… (read more)

  • Give and Take: 3 Tips for Getting School Staff Flexibility

    staff flexibility

    You would think that by October, the schedule ordeal would be over.  But you would be forgetting that scheduling is never complete! There are changing service times, students making progress and graduating, and of course new referrals!   A lot to juggle  There are so many instructional priorities within the short school day, even at… (read more)

  • Personal Goal Setting: Battling “Resistance”

    Battling Resistance

    Goal setting is the way I make myself feel comfortable with where I am. If things feel unfamiliar and I am overwhelmed – I set goals. If things are too familiar and I feel stagnant – I set goals. If I feel content that all is in its place – it’s probably because I set… (read more)