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  • Free Stuttering Awareness Week Download!

    It is the 2nd week of May, which means it’s National Stuttering Awareness Week! We’re thrilled to share this resource, created by one of our favorite teenagers here at the clinic and his SLP, Alice Jeske. They took facts about stuttering and combined them with her thoughts on stuttering. The result is this fabulous poster that… (read more)

  • New Research on Telepractice and Stuttering

    We published a post over on our sister site, Hello Schools, this week that reviewed brand spankin’ new research investigating teletherapy for adolescents who stutter. There just isn’t enough research being done in the area of telepractice, so we were thrilled to find this article! Curious about their findings? Click on over to read the… (read more)

  • The King’s Speech

    You must see this film. Period. Having seen The King’s Speech this week, I am struck by the relational and reflective aspect of the practice of speech therapy – the very thing we are now exploring in a deeper and more meaningful way. To continue reading more about The King’s Speech and see the official… (read more)

  • Stuttering of the Vocal Cords

    Gal Levy explains that spasmodic dysphonia is a mysterious voice disorder; the cause is yet unknown. Dysphonia is the medical term for disorders of the voice: an impairment in the ability to produce voice sounds using the vocal organs. The dysphonic voice can be hoarse or weak, or excessively breathy, harsh, or rough. There are… (read more)