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  • Research Tuesday: Consequences of ADHD on children’s Language Impairments

    Research Bite

    As school-based SLPs, we often serve children with language impairments who also have a diagnosis of ADHD. But is there a link between the two? Do students with ADHD tend to perform lower on language assessments? Or better?  When I assess students with ADHD, I can’t help but wonder if their performance is impacted by… (read more)

  • Research Tuesday: Receptive Vocab Growth in ELL Students

    Gah! It’s Research Tuesday again! Funny how it happens every single month right around the same time, and yet it always sneaks up on me. I chose an article that’s almost a year old this month, but I really liked the subject matter and hey, it’s not that old, right? Right. So, on with it already! The Details: Wood… (read more)

  • Research Tuesday: Impact of Prematurity on Language Skills at School-age

    November is an intense time for special educators in the public schools. Not only do we feel the time-sensitive pressures of Census, but instruction, assessment, progress measures, and paperwork are all in full swing, requiring a clear head and careful consideration. Demands on our time are numerous and being efficient is as prized as being… (read more)

  • Research Tuesday: Delivering Stuttering Intervention via Telepractice

    Goodness. There is so much interesting research going on out there! I had a hard time picking an article this month, but finally settled on one that looked at the viability of a telehealth model for working with adolescents who stutter. We do a fair amount via telepractice around here (both via our Hello There… (read more)

  • Research Tuesday: Children’s Auditory Working Memory in Noisy Conditions

    Autumn, in my professional life as a school-based SLP, is a fresh slate, the start of a new cycle, and a time to start new habits. It is that, and it is also the chaos of trying to pick up where I left off, put together a schedule from pieces that don’t seem to fit,… (read more)

  • Research Tuesday – Narrative and Vocabulary Instruction in the Classroom

    This whole Research Tuesday thing really works for me in the summer! I have the space to be a little more reflective and theoretical, without feeling like I need to implement my findings with Johnny in tomorrow’s session. And the knowledge that fall is coming pushes me to think on a systems level, gathering evidence… (read more)