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  • Research Bite: Lack of Diversity in Research on Autism

    Research Bite

    Calling all SLPs! A new study published in the Journal of Special Education found a lack of cultural and ethnic diversity in research done with children with autism. Researchers at the University of Washington found that out of the studies that report race, 63.5% of participants were white and 20.6% were multi-racial. In contrast, black,… (read more)

  • Noisy Toys: Not So Great for Language Development

    Remember the days when dolls didn’t talk on their own and toy cars didn’t produce a revved engine sound without your help?  Electronic toys are a popular choice for many parents (and proud aunts and uncles) when it comes to gift-giving but a new study shows that these sound-generating toys can actually be a detriment… (read more)

  • Research Tuesday: Adolescent Outcomes of Children With Early Speech Sound Disorders With and Without Language Impairment

    I’ve been working as a high school SLP this year, and it’s gotten me thinking about the last stage of childhood speech/language disorders. Of course, many students “graduate” from speech before they enter high school. But are they now functioning the same as typical learners? The researchers in this article attempt to answer that question. THE DETAILS American Journal of… (read more)

  • Research Tuesday: Best Practice for School-Age Assessment

    Here we are again – time for Research Tuesday! There are times I dread this task approaching on my to-do list, but I find that I treasure the time to sit down and review new research around what we do every day. When I saw this article about using standardized tests and language sampling for assessment… (read more)

  • A Saliva Test for Autism?

    I just came across this article on DisabilityScoop that details the recent findings that kids with autism have different protien levels in their saliva than those who don’t have ASD. Just published in the journal Autism Research, the study has quite a small sample size (n=12), but nevertheless presents intriguing results that they are currently… (read more)

  • Research Tuesday: A Case Study of Direct, Hybrid, and Telepractice Service Models

    My telepractice kick continues this month! I love these studies. As tele expands, both in the schools and in private practice, I hear the “Show me the data” call from on high, and I’m thrilled when I have something to share with those that ask. Beyond it’s use as supporting evidence for a service model… (read more)