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  • Spooky Spiders and Halloween Fun

    Halloween bat boy

    If you’ve ever been to our clinic on Halloween, you’ve seen that we really get into the spirit. And we love seeing our clinic friends dressed up in costumes. Sometimes whole families will dress up in a theme, such as cowboys, astronauts or characters from a book or movie. Our clinic staff takes the opportunity… (read more)

  • Our Community Partners: The Oregon Scottish Rite and Portland State University

    All Together Now is our theme this year and it is with that in mind that we’re starting a new series today. We’ll highlight the community partners that share our commitment to improving outcomes for kids and who themselves Put Kids First in their work. We’ve asked Claudia Meyer, Clinical Professor at Portland State University,… (read more)

  • New Season, New Schedules, New Groups

    group animation speech camp

    How quickly our seasons have switched from the hottest days of summer to raincoat and sweater weather. Perhaps the cooler weather will make it easier for kids to settle into new schools and routines. This time of year our clinic schedule also changes dramatically. We have compassion for our families and recognize that getting into… (read more)

  • Reflections on Camp Hello 2019

    sarah camp hello circle

    Camp Hello season is a fun and busy time around the clinic. This year we are running Kinder Prep Camp, Preschool Camp, and Stop Motion Animation Camp. Additionally, we are running our year-round Parents’ Night Out program and Tuesday Social Skills group. Whew!  So much hard work goes into making these camps happen. Usually, our… (read more)

  • Specializing in Fun: July Groups and Camp Hello


    This week our preschool and kindergarten prep camps kicked off, and the kids are having a blast! Alice and Lori picked a farm theme for their first day with the preschoolers, and there were smiles all around. If you’re wondering what these pigs are wallowing in, it’s not real mud. Alice told me it’s a… (read more)

  • Get Ready for Camp Hello 2019!

    It’s summer camp time! This year we are once again partnering with the Oregon Scottish Rite Speech and Language Clinic at Portland State University to offer a variety of experiences for children with speech and language needs. Read more about what’s happening at Camp Hello this summer, including groups for articulation, language, social communication, kindergarten prep, stop motion… (read more)