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  • Diversity at Hello – 2017 Update

    Around this time last year, we shared our desire to work on improving the diversity among our clinicians and staff, bringing more men and people of color into our Hello family. We knew it would be a tough and slow journey. Consider the following: The American Speech-Langauge Hearing Association (ASHA) reports that 96.3% of SLPs identify… (read more)

  • Lack of Diversity in Research on Autism

    Research Bite

    Calling all SLPs! A new study published in the Journal of Special Education found a lack of cultural and ethnic diversity in research done with children with autism. Researchers at the University of Washington found that out of the studies that report race, 63.5% of participants were white and 20.6% were multi-racial. In contrast, black,… (read more)

  • Starting Work on Building A Diverse Hello Family


    Spring is a time when those of us who work on a school calendar start to think about 2 things: 1) summer vacation, and 2) September. If you’re in a position that involves managing staffing, at least some of the September thoughts likely swirl around how to recruit talent that aligns with your district’s values. Here… (read more)