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  • Assistive Technology Fall PD Event

    Last week Hello folks gathered for our Fall Professional Development event to learn about the latest tricks of the trade in Assistive Technology.  Gina Ossanna MS, CCC-SLP shared tools used to support students with learning challenges in the general education classroom, and Lucinda Bowman MS, CCC-SLP shared her expertise and reviews of speech generated devices…. (read more)

  • Did You Know…? Ashley is Our Most Requested Specialist

    Meet Ashley. She has been a licensed speech-language pathologist since 2000 and has been with The Hello Foundation since 2005. When we told her that she was the most requested clinician on Hello Online she replied, “What an honor! I love this work, its very rewarding!” Ashley loves seeing clients set goals, make progress and… (read more)

  • Did You Know…? Our Specialists Are Highly Qualified

    All of our specialists are licensed, certified speech-language pathologists. Speech-language pathologists (or SLPs) are communication professionals who are uniquely qualified to address speech, language, and swallowing disorders with people of all ages and abilities. Licensed SLPs hold both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the speech and hearing sciences, have completed a one-year clinical fellowship, and have passed a… (read more)