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  • February 2016 Clinician of the Month

    We have a tradition of honoring a clinician each month who exemplifies one of the core values of our organization. This month we have chosen to recognize Kim Turner for the way she has modeled our value of Give. Kim is a clinician at the Hello Clinic and an avid runner. In addition to other athletic events… (read more)

  • January 2016 THF Clinicians of the Month!

    This year, Hello is lucky to have our largest team of clinical fellows (CFs) ever! All our CFs are smart and creative, and blow us away with their innovative ideas, thorough professionalism, and open approach to joining teams. They bring additional value to their work placements with their varied life experiences. Whether drawing from careers in other fields (like… (read more)

  • December 2015 THF Clinician of the Month

    Kathleen Callaghan is a clinician at The Hello Clinic, where she has worked since 2013. Over the last year, she has had the opportunity to work with a very unique client. This 5-year old boy has a genetic abnormality causing a gradual loss of communication and motor skills, and was recently identified as a good… (read more)

  • November 2015 Clinician of the Month

    Christina is an experienced clinician, with 15+ years in the field and over 7 years with Hello. In her time with Hello, Christina has periodically taken time off to be at home with her young children and is always selective about the kinds of placements that bring her back to work. In fact, her current… (read more)

  • October 2015 THF Clinician of the Month

    Sujata is a recent addition to Hello, signing on last spring and jumping into the Hello There model as a part-time school psychologist this fall. Working part-time, on the unique Hello There schedule, Sujata runs her own business (in addition to school psychology) and pursues interests that both complement and balance her role as school… (read more)

  • May 2015 Clinicians of the Month

    This year, Hello was thrilled to work with three SLPs during their Clinical Fellowship year – Brianna Brown, Aaron Waxenfelter, and Nina Simons.  They each brought professionalism, optimism, and amazing clinical skills to their practice.   In fact, it is a little embarrassing to think upon one’s CFY and remember one’s… shall we say… aspiration to… (read more)