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  • App Review – Speech Flipbook

    There are some apps that you know you’ll be able to use over and over. They might be the same ones you jump at because you know they’re perfect for that kid who just has you stumped! This is one of those apps. I downloaded Speech Flipbook Standard – Articulation & Apraxia when it was… (read more)

  • App Review: My PlayHome

    I downloaded the free version of My PlayHome on my iPad this month in a pinch, as I was preparing for a session with an active, impulsive kindergartener with limited verbal skill and I’m so glad I did! In fact, I went back to the App Store that very afternoon to buy the full version… (read more)

  • App Ideas: Spooky Story Dice from Thinkamingo

    This spooky-themed app allows you to indulge your students’ interest in the upcoming holiday while maintaining focus on their goals and your therapy focus! The app is a simple dice-rolling activity that allows you to roll 1–3 dice at a time. The dice contain 74 potential pictures, 23 unique to the spooky edition, and are… (read more)

  • Tech and i-Device Resources from Lucinda!

    Lucinda’s tech and i-device resources from today’s Hello Live webinar. These sites provide lists and reviews of iPad/itouch apps for SLP/Education/Sped: SOCIAL MEDIA for SLPs IPOD TOUCH APPS for SPECIAL NEEDS IPAD APPS FOR SPECIAL NEEDS IPHONE IPAD IPOD APPS FOR SPED RECOMMENDED IPOD APPS SLP Sharing Learning Continuity Other Blogs/App reviews Jeremy Brown’s App… (read more)

  • Smart Oral Motor

    Smart Oral Motor is designed to help children with communication disorders such as Down Syndrome or Apraxia of Speech. The app has 15 different animations, and allows you to select the number of repetitions per exercise. To read more about this useful App and to see a video, please click the following link: Smart Oral… (read more)