Here are a couple of finds I’ve come across in recent months, along with my favorite new app for language samples!

  • The Predictive Cluttering Inventory (PCI) by Daly (2006). It’s an interesting tool designed specifically to differentiate people who (predominantly) clutter, clutter and stutter, and those who neither clutter nor stutter.
  • Create a free account at for unlimited access to their research-based reading comprehension curriculum. I love that I can search by grade level, as well as specific skills and strategies. Great for those sub days where I’m probing IEP goals on kids I’ve never met before!
  • You’re the Storyteller: The Surprise is a fantastic app from Hamaguchi Apps that is so versatile! The app contains a wordless story, told in one video or through a series of short video ‘chapters.’ Students can then record their own words to ‘tell’ the story along with the video. Though it is set up to record within the app, I was disappointed to find that there is a 20 second limit on the recording for each chapter (not enough!), but I recorded the retell as a voicememo on my phone. What I loved about it was the complexity of the story – simple enough for a kinder to give a basic story about a boy bringing home a puppy, but with plenty of possibilities for older students to talk about explanations, emotions, and multiple perspectives.