The Hello Foundation has been building relationships with school districts since 2005.

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"Elsa is passionate about her work and the students she works with. Even though she is not here everyday she is great about communicating thru email, her para and phone calls." - Loretta, Yakima School District
Elsa Testimonial
"I have so enjoyed working with Chrys this year. I wish we could've had her here with us full time. She has good insight into students, and I appreciated her guidance with special education law and requirements!" - Sara H., School District
Chrys Testimonial
"Nina has been a great support for our students and staff. She goes above and beyond to help students get to a state of calmness where they can learn from her instruction. She has innovative ideas and evaluates the effectiveness of her instruction with teacher input." - Amy G., Salem-Keiser School District
Nina Testimonial
"I greatly respect Lucinda's input as an experienced and very professional team member. She has been an incredibly valuable asset to our organization!" - Annette G., Big Country Co-Op
Lucinda Testimonial
"Heidi is great! We love her and the model is working fabulous with having her here every month on campus. Thank you!" - Goldendale School Administrator
Heidi Testimonial
"Kalie! Her skills as an SLP are excellent; her professional collaboration with colleagues and her positive relationships with families are the magic that makes it all work." - Mandy, Sitka Borough SD, AK
Kalie Testimonial
"Jordan is an asset and an ally to the Barge-Lincoln team. She is truly the most skilled, caring, and dedicated SLP I have worked with in my 10 years in education." - Brandice Alejo, 3rd grade teacher, Barge-Lincoln Borough SD, AK
Jordan Testimonial
"Kailey is a great resource to staff and works very well with our students. - Chris Voron, Director at Sitka Borough SD, AK
Kailey Testimonial
"Kristina has done a great job working with the TA. Kristina is spirited and collaborative. It is evident she is newer to the profession as she is still learning some of the details which is to be expected. She asks questions and is always learning." - Tracy Whitaker, Supervisor of SLPs, Sonoma County Office of Education
Kristina Testimonial
"Laura is easy to work with and personable in every situation. Even when she isn't on campus she is still approachable. She has a listening ear and valuable insight. She is willing to take on difficult situations and always communicates well with team members." - Laura Staley, Sped Director Rochester SD, WA
Laura Hall Testimonial