The Hello Foundation Schools provides high quality SLPs, OTs, and School Psychologists to school districts around the country.

Hiring a contractor can be a bit rough.
We’re here to make it as painless as possible.

  • Hello There Services

    Teletherapy (aka online therapy) is an effective and efficient way to deliver direct services to students. But! Nothing replaces a specialist working in the building when it comes to collaboration with teachers, school staff, and families. That’s why our innovative Hello There model combines the best of both worlds:  monthly on-site visits paired with daily online services.

    Our SLPs will train and supervise your aide, write lesson plans, provide direct and consultative services to students, complete compliance paperwork, hold and attend meetings, and otherwise develop a wealth of institutional knowledge. Because wherever we are, we’re always there for you and your students. Watch how it works >>

  • Traditional Services

    You’ve got a problem. You need a specialist in your building, and you need them now. Don’t worry. We thrive on this sort of stuff and pride ourselves on finding creative solutions that are student-focused and sensitive to district needs. In that spirit, we offer on-site SLPs, OTs, and school psychologists for both year-long and short-term contracts in many districts throughout the Pacific Northwest.

    Our short-term agreements can be for as little as 2 weeks and up to 6 months, and are fulfilled by specialized professionals we keep on staff for just these types of assignments. Our year-long contracts feature unmatched flexibility in our terms of service, and offer high-quality staff to meet your specific needs. The best part? Districts are always given the opportunity to meet and interview our specialists before signing a contract. Check out our people >>


  • Testimonials

    Ready for some truth? Pretty much every district, at some point, has been where you are right now. But look. There’s no shame in needing a contractor. Quite the opposite, in fact. When you bring an outside specialist to your district, you’re showing everyone that you know your students need services and they can’t wait.

    When you sign-on with Hello, you’re taking it a step further. You’re showing people that you put kids first in your decision making, and that you’ll go the extra mile for those kids by ensuring that they have a high quality specialist addressing their needs. You’ll also be in pretty great company.  See who you’ll be joining and what they have to say about us >>

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