Let’s face it: SLPs, OTs, and Psychs are hard to find. Everyone is credentialed. Seeking out High Quality specialists makes recruitment even harder. Why make the extra effort to find them?

High Quality Specialists SAVE districts money.

They tackle eligibility criteria and pre-referral practices that address the impact of factors such as ELL status and poverty so that their caseloads only contain the students who are truly in need of their services. When the federal government doesn’t provide one extra dollar for any special education services beyond the cap of 11% of a district’s student population, bringing down caseloads translates into real dollars saved.

High Quality Specialists have more skills.

They know what to recommend for intervention, and they effectively screen students and suggest teaching ideas for areas of concern way before kids succumb to a wait and fail model of special education.

High Quality Specialists understand that it’s not enough just to serve kids.

The difference comes when service evolves into remediation. They understand that many students are capable of successfully exiting the system, and they actively work to make that happen.
So, now you know why it’s worth the time to find quality staff. But how do you find them? Enter our handy (downloadable) cheat sheet:

Recognizing High Quality Service


Simply click on the image above (or click here) to download your very own pdf, and to read more about what High Quality Service looks like here at Hello.

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