It is Spring, and in the education world, that means that planning for next year is in full effect. Staffing is typically a big to-do item on any school admin’s list (and budget spreadsheet), and it can sometimes feel like finding the right person for your district is an impossible task. This feeling is even more acute when you’re looking to fill a position for which the applicant pool often runs dry. Like, say, oh, I don’t know . . . SLPs? 😉 

We’ve talked to hundreds of school admin over the years and also done our fair share of SLP recruiting. We have now distilled those experiences into 4 essential things to remember when we’re hiring:

  1. Think long term
  2. Know your shortcomings
  3. Talk about more than the salary
  4. Remember that culture trumps everything

These tips are now neatly packaged into the free infographic below. It has been written with SLPs in mind, but these are really best practices for every type of hiring you’re doing. This has been a winning strategy for us, and we hope it helps you, too!

how to recruit SLP

Click here or on the image above to download your free copy!