• PSST! Special Education Admin, Here’s What Not to Focus On

    what not to focus on

    The job of a Special Education Administrator is one of the most challenging in a school district. Your responsibilities include overseeing the forward momentum of students with unique learning curves for whom there is no exact curriculum plus a thousand legal requirements that directly equate to funding for the entire district and reflect a district’s… (read more)

  • Practicing at the Top of Your License: The ABCs of Delegation

    Even if you’ve never heard the phrase “practicing at the top of your license,” you probably instinctively know what it means: it is the idea that skilled professionals should engage primarily in activities that require their level of expertise and skill. This concept maintains that skilled professionals spending their time on unskilled tasks or tasks… (read more)

  • My Hello There Life

    My hello there life

    This is my 12th year working with The Hello Foundation and my 11th year providing speech therapy services via the Hello There model. I’ve worked in five states in over sixteen school districts or ESDs. Each placement has its own unique students, staff, relationships, problems, solutions, climate, and culture.  I’ve been fortunate to have the… (read more)

  • Winter Retreat 2019 in Wine Country

    THFers gathered for our 10th annual (!!) winter retreat last weekend. Looking back, we sure have grown over the years! In 2008, twelve of our clinicians gathered at a mountain cabin for a cozy, casual event. This year, we hit our record with 39 attendees. Wow! Our growth meant that we needed to change venues… (read more)

  • 3 Ways to Build Cultural Competence on Your School Team (without being bilingual)

    3 ways to build cultural competence on your school team

    If there is one area where school-based clinicians always feel they can grow, it is in serving culturally and linguistically diverse populations. If you work in a school with a large number of Spanish-speaking families, there might be a system in place for supporting their needs, but everyone is acutely aware of how different the… (read more)

  • School Admin Survey Results 2018

    survey results word cloud

    Happy New Year! Here at The Hello Foundation, we are very thankful for the wonderful School Administrators we work with. We appreciate all that you do to put kids first on a daily basis. We understand how stressful your jobs can be and truly value all that you do to make a difference! We are… (read more)

  • SLP Leave of Absence Round-Up

    slp leave of absence round-up

    I started a new budgeting program a few months ago and one of the core tenants of the system is that there is no such thing as a surprise expense. All of the things that we consider unexpected expenses are, in fact, incredibly predictable. Oh no! My timing belt needs to be replaced! What a surprise!… (read more)

  • Wishes Granted

    Our Hello family partnered with Michelle’s Love this holiday season to provide gifts for a single mom fighting breast cancer and her two boys, ages 13 and 10. Michelle’s Love provides financial assistance, healthy meals and home cleanings to single parents undergoing treatment for cancer, and this is our second time supporting their amazing work.   … (read more)

  • Winter Revelry 2018!

    The Hello peeps spent last Saturday evening gathered together with our special people celebrating the arrival of the winter holidays and each other’s company. This year found us gathered at Henry’s Tavern, a new-to-us venue that provided good food, good drinks, and plenty of room to mingle (and play pool!). We carried our annual theme of… (read more)

  • Fall PD Event with Kerry Mandulak!

    Sandra and Kerry

    We had a great evening with Dr. Kerry Mandulak from Pacific University as she shared with us her endless wisdom and expertise on cleft palate. Most of us only get to work with a handful of children with cleft palate, and rarely is this topic included in our graduate coursework.  We were thrilled to gain… (read more)