• Exit Interviews: Why, How, and Our Favorite Questions to Ask

    Managing hiring in the schools has a unique ebb and flow. Fall is often busy and full of excitement with a new team of professionals in our buildings. Winter brings a lull in the action, save the occasional need to fill an unexpected leave. Spring is full of highs and lows — signed intents to… (read more)

  • Speech Therapy with Virtual Backgrounds: A Tutorial with 11 Free Winter Backgrounds to Download!

    Speech Therapy with Virtual Backgrounds Tutorial

    A compelling case can be made for the argument that speech therapy with virtual backgrounds has been the dominant trend in speech-language pathology during the pandemic. It didn’t take long after nearly all of us were thrust into the world of teletherapy last spring for SLPs to start being their smart, creative selves, figuring out… (read more)

  • Uncertainty Fatigue: Supporting Staff A Year into the Pandemic

    Uncertainty fatigue is real. It has been nearly a full year since the pandemic abruptly upended education and for many of us, things feel only marginally more settled today than they did in those early days. The routine is now all too familiar: just when we feel like we have a handle on things, someone… (read more)

  • Winter Retreat 2021 with Dr. Shameka Stanford

    dr shameka stanford zoom group

    We were thrilled to have Dr. Shameka Stanford, PhD, CCC-SLP, present to our group on Combatting the School-to-Confinement Pipeline Through your Clinical Practice. Dr. Stanford, an Associate Professor in the CSD department at Howard University, is the first and only Juvenile Forensic SLP in the United States. Her presentation focused on the overall outlook of juvenile justice… (read more)

  • Teletherapy and Screen Time: All Screen Time is Not Created Equal

    teletherapy and screen time

    Navigating screen time is one of the biggest challenges facing educators and parents today. There has never been a one-size-fits-all answer and the situation got much more complicated once Covid arrived on the scene. Prior to March 2020, it was not uncommon to hear refrains of “We’re trying to cut down on screen time, and… (read more)

  • School Admin Survey Results 2020

    Each fall, we survey our partner districts to get their feedback on how the first half of the school year has gone as well as to gain insight on their thoughts for the next school year. This seemed particularly important in this very unpredictable and, at times, very difficult school year. It is very clear… (read more)

  • 2731 kids?! Take a look at THF 2020, by the numbers

    An unprecedented year. A year like no other. A year for the history books. Uncharted. Unseen. Unheard of. Unknown. How many blog posts, emails, news articles, and social media posts have used these words in the last 10 months? Far, far, far too many to count, of course, which seems entirely appropriate for a year… (read more)

  • We Got . . . A Virtual Holiday Party and Our Annual Winter Give Project

    The annual THF winter party is a beloved tradition around here and pandemic or not, we weren’t about to let December pass without some sort of celebration. But what would that look like? After much discussion, we decided to call our beloved intranet up for party duty. Our intranet works hard for us every day,… (read more)

  • Communication Development Red Flags Roundup

    communication development red flags

    Communication development is one of the most complex and lengthy processes that humans undergo as they mature from infancy to adulthood. In fact, our communication skills continue to evolve throughout our entire lifetimes! The communication foundation that is built in early childhood also serves to support our later academic endeavors and plays a significant role… (read more)

  • Fall PD Event for the win! Myths and Realities of Dyslexia: Shifting our Response in 2020

    We launched our first Professional Development of the year by welcoming Elizabeth Martin, Administrator for Dyslexia and Reading Intervention at Portland Public Schools. Elizabeth shared recent state legislation about schools’ roles in addressing dyslexia and how it impacts our profession. Elizabeth provided some fabulous resources for pinpointing areas of dyslexia within students in our districts,… (read more)