• When All the Decisions are Hard Ones: 3 Rules for Staying Compliant and Retaining Staff

    3 rules for staying compliant and retaining staff written in bold text on background of 3 stripes of color

    Special education administrator has never been an easy job, but it has gotten infinitely more challenging since the onset of the COVID era, and this fall has been particularly rough. It seems like every admin we’ve talked to in the last few weeks is overwhelmed with a daily deluge of seemingly impossible decisions with far-reaching… (read more)

  • Slime! An Instruction Sheet with Speech, Language, and Occupational Therapy Activities

    How to Make Funny Putty Slime instruction sheet with photo of supplies, including glue, liquid starch, a bowl, a spoon

    Ahhh, slime. The internet is full of recipes for all manner of the stuff — unicorn slime, fluffy slime, glitter slime, chocolate slime, just to name a few — and kids never seem to get tired of making it and playing with it. It’s also a beloved activity here at the clinic, where our therapists… (read more)

  • The Hello Foundation University Partnership Program

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    The backbone of any clinical graduate program is the internship. It is where future clinicians have their first experiences in what will hopefully become their career, and it is where they begin to learn the realities of life outside the halls of academia. There’s an understanding among practicing clinical professionals that, at some point in… (read more)

  • Combatting the Rising Tide: 3 Ways to Overcome the Overwhelm

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    Overwhelm can strike anyone. It’s the feeling you get when there are so many needs competing for your time that it is impossible to meet any of them. Many of us deal with it, whether intermittently or chronically, and it can feel incredibly isolating and even hopeless when it’s at its peak. One of the… (read more)

  • 6 Dos and Don’ts of COVID Compensatory Services

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    The school year is well underway, and for many students and their families, that means a long-awaited return to the classroom. For students who receive special education services, this fall also brings conversations of compensatory (or recovery) services to mitigate losses incurred while COVID kept them out of school buildings.  Discussions about compensatory services during… (read more)

  • Ignite

    At Hello, we know that a tiny spark can start something big. Our people know the power of a single word of encouragement, a kernel of an idea, a lone voice of advocacy, an unsteady first step. They know that just one small ember has the power to transform the future, bringing bring light into… (read more)

  • Welcome Aboard and Back to School 2021!

    photo of 7 women standing behind a couch and 5 women sitting on the couch, all wearing masks; at the hello clinic

    Back to school season is an exciting time for school staff, students, and their families, but for 22 SLPs, SLPAs, and school psychologists this fall, it means a brand new job with The Hello Foundation! We held 2 new staff orientations – one socially distanced in-person at our new clinic space, and another via zoom… (read more)

  • Approaching Uncertainty, Again: 3 Tips for Back to School 2021

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    I usually love the excitement of the back-to-school season. It is a fresh start for everyone, filled with optimism and epitomized by clean notebooks, sharpened pencils, and new bulletin board decorations. This year, it seemed like it would be extra special. We had somehow made it through last school year, as tough as it was…. (read more)

  • Choke Points: The Key to Filling SLP Vacancies Before the First Day of School

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    There are moments when educational leaders would benefit from thinking more like business leaders. In business, it’s a leader’s responsibility to constantly search for choke points that slow efforts to satisfy the customer. When they find one, the leader must then analyze processes and move to eliminate the choke point. Our company talks to administrators… (read more)

  • COVID Clinical Fellowship – A Unique Perspective

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    Part of my job is mentoring SLPs who are completing their Clinical Fellowship. I will be honest – these clinical fellows are light years beyond where I was when I graduated 22 (gulp!) years ago. Their clinical skills and professionalism amaze me. This past year, we all experienced speech/language services through a pandemic, but it… (read more)