Ashley Northam PROF

Ashley Northam, Speech-Language Pathologist, CCC-SLP

I am very much a whole person-centered therapist. I believe in looking at all areas and factors that may contribute, or affect a client’s growth and development. I thrive on solving problems and seeing clients make progress. I love helping someone else achieve what they did not think was possible. It is so rewarding to look back with a client and see how far they’ve come in time. I love this profession in that there is never a dull day, a monotonous routine, or mindless work. There are definitely challenges that push me but I also love the search to “figure it out.” I get the privilege to work with a wide variety of people and teams with many skills and abilities and walk with them on a path to make a difference in their lives, whatever that may be. I absolutely love my job.

Some facts about me: