• Clinic Move Timeline and Celebrating Change

    moving timeline graphic image

    We have always been party people. While we’ve gathered for modest masked clinic birthday celebrations, the party vibe has pretty much been put on hold for the past 18 months. That changed for the better this past Saturday. Christina, Sarah, Laura, Jenny, Lauren, and I gathered together with our schools friends from The Hello Foundation… (read more)

  • Interstate Licensing Compact: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, Where We’re Going

    interstate licensing compact graphic

    Professional licensure is a bit of a pain to keep track of (and pay for!), but it is a necessary and appreciated protection for our field and for those who access our services. Traditionally each state has been able to set its own requirements for licensure, and SLPs have been required to meet requirements and… (read more)

  • Big Announcement: The Hello Clinic is Moving!

    Staff looking at plans for new clinic layout

    Do you remember field trips from pre-pandemic times? Christina, Laura, Lauren, Jenny, Sarah and I recently went on one! And where did we go? We visited our new clinic space at 4900 SW Griffith Drive in Beaverton! Yes, that’s right. We are moving to a new space this summer, and have been doing serious spring… (read more)

  • Stuttering: A Journey with Dr. Derek Daniels

    screen shot of stuttering neurodiversity slide and zoom call participants

    Our final PD event this year was a game-changing evening with Dr. Derek Daniels from Wayne State University, who shared his expertise on Working with School-Age Children Who Stutter. Dr. Daniels emphasized a shift of focus for stuttering treatment, which approaches stuttering as a result of neurodiversity, not an abnormal brain. This was the first… (read more)

  • Staying Well on the Road to Normal

    Laura pretending to give Sarah a shot with a toy shot.

    After what seems like a very long time of nothing changing, things are changing. Many schools have invited kids back for hybrid learning. We’ve opened our clinic doors a few days a week to resume a limited number of in-person visits. We are enjoying the outdoors again, with longer days, lots more sun, and plenty… (read more)

  • 10 Things Occupational Therapists Do (Free Printable for OT Month!)

    It’s April and that means it’s Occupational Therapy Month! Occupational therapists play a vital role in helping people of all ages live their fullest, best lives. To celebrate this special month and help spread the word about her profession, our resident Clinic OT, Christina, came up with this super cute shareable with her top 10… (read more)

  • An Afternoon of Drag Queen BINGO

    Poison Waters drag queen bingo

    At this point in the pandemic, Zoom meetings and virtual socializing have really lost their sparkle. What was a year ago novel and something we were all doing “just until we get through this,” has now become a way of life and we’re all to be forgiven if we’re just totally over it.  Such was the… (read more)

  • Who’s ready for spring?

    Child's hands holing a seedling in a small pot.

    This spring is feeding my soul in a way I didn’t realize I needed until I saw the first daffodils bloom in my yard. Do you feel the same? We knew the winter was going to be long, isolating, and hard. Check, check, check! So while I realize spring doesn’t actually start until March 20,… (read more)

  • 1 Tulip Craft, 8 Speech, Language, and Occupational Therapy Activities

    We were looking for something fun and easy to do with our clients this month that didn’t require all sorts of special supplies and that would bring a little cheer into everyone’s lives. We came up with this cute little tulip craft, and loved it so much that we created a free downloadable to share!… (read more)

  • New Way of Looking at Black History Month

    Picture books featuring Black joy

    As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher. If you’re a white mom, like me, it’s easy to fear that you’re doing Black History Month wrong and to leave it to the real teachers to do the teaching. You know, wait until they are in preschool or kindergarten, and let a wise teacher with… (read more)