• We’re a PDX Parent Picks 2019 Top 5 Winner!

    pdx parent pick top 5

    There’s nothing quite like opening your email to learn that you’ve been recognized as one of the best service providers in the city! We’re humbled and honored to be recognized as one of Portland’s top 5 physical, occupational, and speech therapists by PDX Parent Picks. This recognition is extra special because winners are chosen based on… (read more)

  • Spring Flowers, Camps, and Crazy Socks!


    Judging from what we’ve been hearing from clinic families lately, spring can’t get here soon enough. Here’s a sample of the comments I heard when the sky was bright blue the other day, and the sun was shining: I LOVE the sun! It’s so beautiful, I’m not wearing a jacket! We’re going on a scavenger… (read more)

  • Cheers! Wine Tasting in Dundee

    WineTour19 whole group above

    The sun was out, the countryside was beautiful, and the company was unbeatable. Twenty THFers boarded the VIP Pdx bus last weekend and set out for an afternoon of food, friends, and wine in the Dundee Hills wine region of the Willamette Valley. We enjoyed visiting the Archery Summit and Lange Estate wineries, learning about methods,… (read more)

  • Wordless Picture Books We Like to Use in Speech Therapy

    heart animals

    I’ve always appreciated when my kids were given books as gifts. Books don’t require batteries. They travel well. And they don’t have any tiny pieces that can get lost or inadvertently stepped on. Many book givers share their kids’ favorites, so they’re already vetted when you sit down to read them for the first time…. (read more)

  • Winter Retreat 2019 in Wine Country

    THFers gathered for our 10th annual (!!) winter retreat last weekend. Looking back, we sure have grown over the years! In 2008, twelve of our clinicians gathered at a mountain cabin for a cozy, casual event. This year, we hit our record with 39 attendees. Wow! Our growth meant that we needed to change venues… (read more)

  • 4 Things to Ask Your Online SLP

    I like to think that the vast majority of us who provide speech and language therapy services online are doing so because we value the flexibility that it adds to our clinical practice and because we’re trained in implementation. However, I also think that it is always wise to do your research as a consumer before… (read more)

  • New Year, New Friends

    Dr Kerry Mandulak

    With the advent of a new year, we get to meet many new friends. Is your resolution to get your child in for an evaluation for a speech, language, occupational therapy or a feeding concern? We’re happy to meet you! While these first few weeks of January are busy for us, we’ve all enjoyed the… (read more)

  • Wishes Granted

    Our Hello family partnered with Michelle’s Love this holiday season to provide gifts for a single mom fighting breast cancer and her two boys, ages 13 and 10. Michelle’s Love provides financial assistance, healthy meals and home cleanings to single parents undergoing treatment for cancer, and this is our second time supporting their amazing work.   … (read more)

  • Oodles of fun activities for your winter break

    The year is coming to an end. Know what that means? Time for a “Best of..” list! And since kids will be out of school in a few weeks, our list is filled with fun activities and crafts to fill your every day in a positive way. Not only will kids be out of school,… (read more)

  • Our Favorite Books for Speech Therapy – Round and Round The Farm

    Favorite Books Kim

    We’re wrapping up our Favorite Books for Speech Therapy series for the season with an entry from Kim. She’s chosen Round and Round The Farm, by Alex Burnett as her favorite. This sweet little board book brings new meaning to the word interactive! Each page contains a puzzle piece that, when put together with the other pieces,… (read more)