• Clinic COVID-19 Update

    Hello, Clinic Family! It’s been a tough week for us all, but we’re happy to report a few bright spots as we work hard to find ways to serve you and your family during this truly unprecedented time. But first, a less-than-bright spot: we are extending our closure through April 28th, 2020. We are doing… (read more)

  • Clinic Closure

    Thank you for all your patience and understanding in the last few weeks. Things have been changing rapidly and, as ever, we are inspired by the way our big clinic family comes together in times like this. To align with the decision by Gov. Brown to close schools in Oregon beginning Monday, 3/16/20 through 3/31/20,… (read more)

  • Entrepreneur Truth Telling In Telehealth

    If you’re betting big on technology in this revolution, it’s the wrong bet. Privately held companies keep their thinking and strategy close to the vest. Our goals, strategies and metrics are the secret sauce of our businesses. If we share these things out loud we risk someone else crossing our own finish line. But sometimes… (read more)

  • GIVE Project at Children’s Book Bank

    What is your favorite childhood book? Mine is Corduroy. Or maybe The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I had tens and tens of books to choose from as a child. I also had people who could and would read to me. However, I learned last Tuesday evening, at The Children’s Book Bank, that often children, specifically in lower-income… (read more)

  • 5 Things The Hello Clinic Loves

    With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’re focusing on 5 things we love! 1. Our First Tongue Thrust Group We are excited to announce our first ever Tongue Thrust Group! This group is for kids ages 8 and up, and will be held March 23-26 (during spring break). Participants will work one-on-one daily with an SLP… (read more)

  • Winter Retreat 2020 – A Great Start to a New Decade!

    THFers came together to kick off 2020 at our annual Winter Retreat last weekend. We gathered at Charbonneau Country Club for a day of professional development and comradery (and tacos 😉 ). Lyn Seres, M.Ed. of Rewired Education Therapy shared information on brain-based strategies for dyslexia and the importance of phonological processing for early reading… (read more)

  • Time to Practice Self-Care: Join Us for Parents’ Night In

    Parenting is hard. There’s no other way to put it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s also wonderful and rewarding. But you’ve got to do so much as a parent, and the last thing anyone needs is a parent having a meltdown, right? Self-care is essential especially for those who are parenting special-needs kids. It’s important… (read more)

  • Bilingual Communication Development: 4 Red Flags

    It’s time for another Communication Development Red Flags downloadable resource! This time we’re talking about bilingual communication development.  Bilingualism comes in many shapes and sizes, and there are lots of different ways that children acquire a second language. Some children learn their first language (L1) before a second language (L2) is acquired. This pattern is… (read more)

  • A Mountain of Gifts and Lots of Love

    The Give committee announced in early December that Hello would again be sponsoring a family for the holidays through Michelle’s Love. Michelle’s Love provides financial assistance, healthy meals, and home cleanings to single parents undergoing treatment for cancer. If you want to learn more, check out their web site or Facebook page. This year, we… (read more)

  • 2019 at THF: Quantity and Quality (VIDEO)

    It’s the end of the year (the decade!) and far be it from us to bypass the trend of taking a moment to reflect and sum up the last 12 months of our work lives. We’re not widget makers or bean counters, so figuring out how to quantify what we do around here all day… (read more)