• Sensory and Feeding Tips for the Holidays

    winter scene with snow-covered pine trees and a squirrel with acorns, with text overlay that reads sensory and feeding tips for the holidays

    This can be a difficult time of year for our kids with sensory processing dysfunction and/or picky eating. Holidays frequently involve traveling or having friends and family around which changes up the routine and their safe environment. There may be extra pressure around the togetherness of the holidays, especially since getting together hasn’t been the… (read more)

  • So much to be thankful for!

    Child's drawing of a turkey with colorful feathers and a heart, with text: "Happy Thanksgiving."

    Are you as thankful as I am that kids 5 and up are now eligible for COVID vaccinations? And that some travel restrictions have been lifted just before we feast together on Thanksgiving and ring in the rest of the holiday season? To be honest, time feels like it’s playing tricks on me since the… (read more)

  • Fall fun, spooky season, and baby names!

    Child on balance ball with a picture of a spider web with green play-doh spider family at The Hello Clinic gym..

    Are you enjoying the crisp fall days? The leaves are beautiful and it’s even been nice to get some rain and splash in the puddles. October is a busy month and it kicks off the “holiday season” with Halloween. I’m loving all the spooky decorations that are popping up in my neighborhood. I used to… (read more)

  • Slime! An Instruction Sheet with Speech, Language, and Occupational Therapy Activities

    How to Make Funny Putty Slime instruction sheet with photo of supplies, including glue, liquid starch, a bowl, a spoon

    Ahhh, slime. The internet is full of recipes for all manner of the stuff — unicorn slime, fluffy slime, glitter slime, chocolate slime, just to name a few — and kids never seem to get tired of making it and playing with it. It’s also a beloved activity here at the clinic, where our therapists… (read more)

  • Where Are All of the Preschoolers?

    white question mark in red, upside down teardrop shape, where are all of the preschoolers written above and below

    Working with kids in almost any sector means that you are at the whim of school schedules, flu and cold season, holidays, summer camps, and vacations. At the Clinic, the transition from summer schedules to fall schedules always means that we have lots of morning and early afternoon appointment spots open up as big kids… (read more)

  • The Hello Foundation University Partnership Program

    Partnership Opportunities image

    The backbone of any clinical graduate program is the internship. It is where future clinicians have their first experiences in what will hopefully become their career, and it is where they begin to learn the realities of life outside the halls of academia. There’s an understanding among practicing clinical professionals that, at some point in… (read more)

  • Now’s the time for preschool communication evaluation and therapy!

    Boy making a whale craft with paper, markers and paint for the water spout.

    Do you have concerns about your preschool-aged child not being understood? Do they seem behind their friends in their ability to communicate? You’re not alone. So many families feel like their kids have fallen behind since the pandemic up-ended school and social life. For many of us, the hope has been that kids would get… (read more)

  • Ignite

    At Hello, we know that a tiny spark can start something big. Our people know the power of a single word of encouragement, a kernel of an idea, a lone voice of advocacy, an unsteady first step. They know that just one small ember has the power to transform the future, bringing bring light into… (read more)

  • Please join in our Grand Opening Celebration!

    image of open house invitation and clinic interior

    We’re delighted to invite you to our Grand Opening Celebration on Wednesday, August 18 from 3-5 pm. In case you missed our big news, we moved to a new location in early July. We can’t wait to share our lovely new clinic home with our clinic friends. We’ll have all sorts of fun activities for… (read more)

  • The best part of moving? Making it our new home!

    SLP Sarah and Office Admin Lauren in new clinic waiting room.

    When we first started planning our clinic move, who would have ever figured it’d be in the midst of a record-setting heatwave so bad that the air conditioning at both the clinic we moved from and the clinic we moved into would be on the fritz? Thankfully, most of the actual moving was done early… (read more)