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  • COVID Clinical Fellowship – A Unique Perspective

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    Part of my job is mentoring SLPs who are completing their Clinical Fellowship. I will be honest – these clinical fellows are light years beyond where I was when I graduated 22 (gulp!) years ago. Their clinical skills and professionalism amaze me. This past year, we all experienced speech/language services through a pandemic, but it… (read more)

  • Meet Emily, the FosterClub Outstanding Young Leader Hello Foundation 2021 Scholarship Winner

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    We’re thrilled to announce the recipient of the Outstanding Young Leader Hello Foundation 2021 Scholarship, Emily Murray.  FosterClub shares, “Emily is from Colorado, but currently attends law school in Philadelphia. She has two bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Spanish. Her dream is to become a foster parent and attorney for foster and/or immigrant youth. Emily… (read more)

  • Building Better Connections with Colleagues

    better hearing and speech month 21 building connections

    May is Better Hearing and Speech Month! This annual event, sponsored by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, is designed “to raise awareness about communication disorders and the role of ASHA members in providing life-altering treatment.” This year’s theme, Building Connections, has us thinking about all of the different ways we here at Hello are involved in… (read more)

  • Unbreak Your Brain: 3 Tips for Surviving Our Second COVID Spring

    Unbreak Your Brain_ 3 Tips for our Second Covid Spring rainbow

    The spring season in special education always feels a little bit frantic, but this year . . . well, this year is really something special. As we wrote in February, life in the Covid era means there can be a tectonic shift on any given day. Aside from all of the usual spring tasks, simply… (read more)

  • 1 Tulip Craft, 8 Speech, Language, and Occupational Therapy Activities

    We were looking for something fun and easy to do with our clients this month that didn’t require all sorts of special supplies and that would bring a little cheer into everyone’s lives. We came up with this cute little tulip craft, and loved it so much that we created a free downloadable to share!… (read more)

  • New Way of Looking at Black History Month

    Picture books featuring Black joy

    As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher. If you’re a white mom, like me, it’s easy to fear that you’re doing Black History Month wrong and to leave it to the real teachers to do the teaching. You know, wait until they are in preschool or kindergarten, and let a wise teacher with… (read more)