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  • We’re Pausing In-Office Visits

    Graphic with text: In-clinic visits paused with The Hello Clinic logo

    Public health is a concept few of us gave much thought to prior to the pandemic. Now it’s part of our daily lives. Fall is when we often see an increase in cold and flu infections. We’re also witnessing a dramatic increase in Oregon’s COVID cases over the past few weeks. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve… (read more)

  • Life is a Classroom and Has So Much to Teach Us

    SLP Laura with her plants

    Life’s had a lot to teach us this year. It’s ok if you feel tired! We’ve had to change our habits and routines, and pivot to new ways of doing things with safety in mind. It’s helped me to slow down and be grateful for the most basic necessities: health, shelter, sustenance, family connections, and… (read more)

  • Time to Practice Self-Care: Join Us for Parents’ Night In

    Parenting is hard. There’s no other way to put it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s also wonderful and rewarding. But you’ve got to do so much as a parent, and the last thing anyone needs is a parent having a meltdown, right? Self-care is essential especially for those who are parenting special-needs kids. It’s important… (read more)

  • 2019 at THF: Quantity and Quality (VIDEO)

    It’s the end of the year (the decade!) and far be it from us to bypass the trend of taking a moment to reflect and sum up the last 12 months of our work lives. We’re not widget makers or bean counters, so figuring out how to quantify what we do around here all day… (read more)

  • A Short, Busy Month at the Clinic

    December is a short month around here, but that doesn’t mean there is a shortage of activity! Read on to find out what we’re up to and to hear about some of our plans for the new year. Winter celebrations This past Saturday we gathered as a company to make merry at our annual holiday… (read more)

  • A Very Festive Firehouse

    We gathered together at The Firehouse last weekend for our annual winter celebration and much merriment was had. This is the one event every year where we invite our partners and special people to join us, and it is such a delight to bring them along for all of the THF fun. As co-workers who… (read more)