Why do we do this work?

Three little words:

Put Kids First

From The Hello Foundation founder, Sharon Soliday:

In 2005 I had to make a choice: dropping off my six-year old daughter at school or being at my SLP job. I believe kids come first. So I left my job and started this business. And walked my daughter to class everyday.

My personal talent has always been being able to see a variety of needs and understand how to orchestrate solutions. I understand the stakeholders involved and operate from a firm set of values. I don’t do it alone. I credit my dad for teaching me to surround myself with people smarter and more talented than myself. And as business grows, I continue to do just that.

Our Hello family has grown to now include thousands of individuals and families that share our beliefs and have benefitted from the stake we put in the ground.

Myself and the leaders of Hello stand at that stake between those we serve and our talented and committed staff. Our competition can keep their impersonal handbooks and 4 levels of management. We choose instead to operate from 4 values by which all decisions are made:

Put Kids First
Practice Work Life Balance
Provide Quality

Our values drive our business. Because yes, we’re professionals (some of the best you will ever meet, in fact) but we’re also moms and dads, aunts and uncles, sons and daughters. We’re family. And dreaming a bigger dream for someone else matters.

Our Hello staff love that they are a part of a work family that recognizes their own goals, commitments, and children. They love that we treat their kids as our own and supporting our work means aligning with a company that puts kids first in countless ways.

It’s why we do this.

Really, it’s that simple.

Sharon Soliday, founder and CEOsolidaydaughter

  • Put Kids First

    We put kids first in every decision we make, including being flexible with clients and paying our clinicians well. We believe that decisions like these help to lower the stress and drama often associated with the helping professions, and allow our clients to make choices that will best meet the needs of children. Less time spent on drama means more time spent on the specialized needs of the kids we serve.

  • We are proud to say that every professional that has joined our team over the last decade has provided high quality service to the children they serve. We are equally proud that we, as a company, have in turn provided equally high quality service to our clinicians. Our team is the best in the business, and we invest in them so that they can invest in kids.

  • Giving Tuesday

    We believe that giving of ourselves helps us stay relevant and maintain perspective in a rapidly changing world. Our charitable work also provides a foundation of gratitude onto which our business and our clinicians can build their work. We know that when we work from a place of gratitude, our hearts and our minds are open to the brightest possibilities for the students we serve.

  • We built our core belief of practicing work/life balance on the premise of the adage, “Put your own oxygen mask on first,” and it is essential to our success. We support our staff both at work and at play, because it is only a happy, healthy clinician that can truly give their all for the children with whom they work. Our professionals know that The Hello Foundation has their back both professionally and personally, and we know that they have ours.