We love our peeps. And our peeps love us.

Everyone thinks their own company is awesome.
But the feedback from clients and staff is where the rubber hits the road.


Sharon-Soliday-Myself and the leaders of Hello stand at that stake between those we serve and our talented and committed staff. Our competition can keep their impersonal handbooks and 4 levels of management. We choose instead to operate from 4 values by which all decisions are made: Put Kids First, Give To Others, Practice Work Life Balance, Provide Quality Service” — Sharon Soliday, Founder

  • “Every SLP we have had from THF has been solid. Like, super awesome.”

    Special Education Coordinator, Evergreen SD

  • “Working for Hello has helped me stretch and grow as a clinician and a human being.”

    Kelly, SLP 

  • “We looked for the right therapist forever. Jenny helped us more than anyone else in the process.”

    Rhonda, parent of child with ASD

  • “I don’t know about you but as a busy homeschooling mom, finding the time to go to appointments can be difficult….The idea of an online speech therapy was music to my ears!”

    Marianne, from “Abundant Life”

  • “I sat in on IEP meetings with Karen Clifton and was very impressed with her. She was extremely knowledgeable, professional and very conscientious about her work. We are extremely pleased to have her working with our students.”

    Mr. David Pickering, Superintendent/Principal

  • “I am very fortunate and lucky to have [Sasha] as a member of my team.  She is very supportive and willing to help me whenever I have any questions.  In regards to her work ethic, she is very responsible and organized. Even though [Sasha] is only physically here once a week she has built a strong relationship with her students. Her students are very excited when she is on campus. We are very lucky to have her here…”

    Maria, Resource Teacher, Hoover Elementary

  • “Team efforts, respect for all, and support in everything. Such a great company!”

    Brianna Brown, SLP

  • “[Kay] has made it a smooth transition to becoming a part of the Robertson team.  Kay is easy to communicate with face to face, is quick to respond to emails, and willingly shares her knowledge with others.  Kay completes her paperwork for the special education process in a timely manner, which helps me as the team leader to complete my paperwork as well.  Kay is a willing participant in the team process we cultivate in special education and she is respectful and kind to parents and staff alike.  I have enjoyed working with Kay this year and hope to be able to work with her again next year.”

    Pat Kramper, Ed.D., NCSP  Yakima SD

  • “I continue to be enamored by THF: your generosity, transparency, authentic caring, passion, principles, belief in ALL of us, and the courage to go above and beyond the efforts of other companies and employers.”

    Elsa, SLP

  • “I heard about the existence of an online speech therapy called the Hello Foundation, which is perfect for homeschoolers or for any person who doesn’t want to leave home to get private speech therapy. Each of the therapists is certified and has experience working in the area of speech therapy.”

    Susan, from “Susan’s Homeschooling Blog”

  • “Recently, I had a lawyer from Tennessee ask me for company contact info because he was impressed by how happy we all are and wanted to share with his daughter (who is a PT) info about the therapy model we use.”

    Kimberly Wilkerson, SLP

  • “Heidi is great! We love her and the model is working fabulous with having her here every month on campus. Thank you!”

    Goldendale, WA School Administrator

  • “This letter is a testimonial to the outstanding services provided by Elsa Bro to… middle school staff, students, and parents. Elsa is always punctual, thorough, positive, professional, and welcoming. She is an expert in her field and her work is always meaningful and beneficial to our school family. She is doing an outstanding job and her positive impact on our school was felt immediately upon her arrival. We are thankful to have Elsa on staff as she has strengthened our team considerably.”

    Scott Wells, Assistant Principal, Lewis and Clark MS

  • Regarding Online Therapy: “You don’t need to arrange for child care for your other kids. You don’t have to drive anywhere. … Your child feels comfortable because they are in a place that they feel safe and are used to. If you have a laptop, you can have the session in whatever room you want to so you can minimize distractions and choose a room that your child is very familiar with. … You can do other things while your child is having their session. … It is ideal for homeschoolers as it doesn’t interrupt the homeschool schedule.”

    Sharla, from  “The Chaos and The Clutter”

  • “Great party on Saturday night! Thank you so much for spoiling us. I feel very appreciated and grateful to be working for Hello!”

    Rachel Allen, SLP