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We believe in Putting Kids First, Providing Quality Service, Practicing Work/Life Balance, and Giving. We use this blog to talk about all of that stuff, and to share our big ideas with the world.

We’re Hiring Again!


We’re looking for a sales specialist to join our team. Check out our job posting, below, and be in touch! Sales Specialist Job Posting

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SETT: More powerful than you thought

SETT complete

You know how sometimes the simplest tools are the most powerful? I see it all the time in my work with kids. A white board. A hand-written checklist. A picture taped to the corner of the desk. I certainly believe in (and frequently witness) the wonders of ‘high-tech’ solutions, but the simplest ones – often simple ...

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A Whole New Level of Rural!

Lucinda Cattle MT

Today, I had the privilege of visiting a one-student/one-teacher/one-room school house that was surrounded by so many cows, we were practically prevented access to the school! It was by far one of my favorite moments here in Eastern Montana. If it wasn’t for my fearless speech assistant, I would’ve easily gotten lost in the vast rural ...

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Communication Builds Community


It’s mid-September. After a summer that sometimes felt like we were living on the surface of the sun, cool grey days are popping up in the Portlandia forecast with increasing frequency, signaling to one and all that it’s probably safe to haul the box fan out to the garage, and to grab the space heater while you’re out ...

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2015-2016 is Officially Underway!

Melting Pot Michelle Christina

The last couple of weeks have been busy busy busy here at THF headquarters. We’ve been excitedly finalizing agreements with school districts, welcoming our new staff members, and kicking off the year with our traditional fondue party. We even have a few of our Hello There folks already on-site seeing kiddos! We’re excited about the year ...

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Hello Live: 10 Ways to Incorporate Speech-Language Goals into Mealtime with Becca Eisenberg

Hello Live with Becca Eisenberg

Are you a clinician looking for something new and fun to spice up your therapy? Or maybe you’re a parent on the hunt for ways to incorporate your child’s speech and language goals into your everyday life? Join Gravity Bread’s Becca Eisenberg for this fun podcast all about how to use cooking and eating to ...

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On the hunt for High Quality Services? Look no further.

Recognizing High Quality Service

Let’s face it: SLPs, OTs, and Psychs are hard to find. Everyone is credentialed. Seeking out High Quality specialists makes recruitment even harder. Why make the extra effort to find them? High Quality Specialists SAVE districts money. They tackle eligibility criteria and pre-referral practices that address the impact of factors such as ELL status and poverty ...

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