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We believe in Putting Kids First, Providing Quality Service, Practicing Work/Life Balance, and Giving. We use this blog to talk about all of that stuff, and to share our big ideas with the world.

THF Talks – Giving Thanks


Our wonderful Hello specialists chime in with what they are thankful for in their placements this season!  “How about designated case managers for each school. Oh, so thankful!”   Kimberly Wilkerson, speech-language pathologist   “A fast-learning, hard-working assistant who has a warm and friendly rapport with students!” Angela Arterberry, speech-language pathologist   “Getting to sleep alone all night without interruption.”  (on traveling for ...

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Gratitude – Start with the little things


At this time of year, I am full of gratitude for the people I have around me, the opportunities I have, and all the choices I get to make each day. But it is also a time of year with a lot of paperwork – progress notes, IEPs to meet the census deadline, the first wave of ...

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Assistive Technology Fall PD Event

avaz pro

Last week Hello folks gathered for our Fall Professional Development event to learn about the latest tricks of the trade in Assistive Technology.  Gina Ossanna MS, CCC-SLP shared tools used to support students with learning challenges in the general education classroom, and Lucinda Bowman MS, CCC-SLP shared her expertise and reviews of speech generated devices. Let’s ...

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November 2015 Clinician of the Month

Christina Crouse

Christina is an experienced clinician, with 15+ years in the field and over 7 years with Hello. In her time with Hello, Christina has periodically taken time off to be at home with her young children and is always selective about the kinds of placements that bring her back to work. In fact, her current ...

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Mentoring, From My Perspective: The Benefit is Mutual


Looking back at my years of working as a school-based speech-language pathologist, many individuals have influenced my professional growth. They were friends, administrators, and colleagues.  If you are just starting out, changing jobs, or feeling in a “slump” – reach out to someone you respect – a mentor/ mentee relationship might be just what you need! This is ...

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Sharon Soliday Featured at OSHA Annual Conference

Sharon Soliday YouTube

“After vowing I wouldn’t work in the schools, I did a stint in the schools and, it turned out to be a really good fit for me.” And so began the professional journey that would lead our CEO and founder, Sharon Soliday, to start The Hello Foundation. Curious about what happened next? Let Sharon tell you ...

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October: A time for adjustments


It’s October. At most school-based sites, the gears are in motion by now. Though we may never feel really settled, most of our back-to-school activities are filed away for next year. Fall screenings are complete, parents nights and introductions have been done, our schedules have been tested and tweaked, and we may (especially if we are a ...

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