Your needs are unique.
And so is our 3-model approach to meeting them.

We can help you find the right fit.


  • If you are in the Portland metro area and looking for 1-on-1, small group, or speciality clinic appointments, visiting our office for a weekly or bi-weekly appointment might be right for you.

  • If you are in NW Oregon or SW Washington but a weekly visit to our office is challenging, then weekly online therapy paired with a monthly in-office visit might be right for you.

  • If you are anywhere else in the world, or are in the area but love the convenience of not having to travel to an appointment, then online therapy might be right for you.

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There are many reasons individuals may require the specialized skills of a licensed speech language pathologist. Whether you visit us in our clinic or online, our experts can help with all of the following:

Articulation  ||  Accent Training or Reduction  ||  Aphasia ||  Autism  ||  Cognition and Executive Functioning  ||  Communication Coaching for the Workplace  ||  Feeding and Swallowing  ||  Motor Speech Issues  ||  Parent Support & Training  ||  Receptive & Expressive Language  ||  Sensory  ||  Social Skills  ||  Voice (including transgender transition)  ||  Stuttering  ||
And so much more!