We provide high-quality services to families
by putting kids at the center of therapy.


Taking the first step toward selecting a therapist for your child can be an emotional experience. You might be full of questions and concerns of all sorts, ranging from insurance coverage to clinician qualifications to what will happen if your child throws a tantrum and refuses to participate. Emotions and concerns and questions are all quite ok. In fact, they’re great. They show us that you’re engaged and focused on what’s best for your child. Coincidentally, so are we.

  • Speech-Language Therapy

    A speech-language pathologist (or SLP) assesses, diagnoses, treats, and helps prevent communication and swallowing disorders. Speech therapy can improve quality of life by helping people of all ages better communicate and interact with the world around them. Meet our team!

    ADDRESSING: Articulation, expressive and receptive language, motor speech, feeding and swallowing, stuttering, executive functioning, and social language.

  • Online Speech-Language Therapy

    Hello Online allows the client to be at the center of the session. Caregivers from any discipline, as well as family members and anyone else in the client’s circle, can gain secure, HIPAA-compliant access to the process of communication therapy. The goal is for communication therapy targets to be consistently reinforced by a client’s circle of influence throughout the day.

    ADDRESSING: Articulation, autism, stuttering, language, voice, social skills and more.

  • Occupational Therapy

    An Occupational Therapist helps people do the activities (occupations) that they want and need to do. OTs can help your child develop independence with self-care skills, improve fine, gross and visual-motor skills, develop play and social skills, teach how to participate with peers and siblings in different environments, address sensory processing and modulation concerns and teach self-regulation strategies. Watch our clinicians discuss 10 things an OT can help your child with.

    ADDRESSING: Feeding, self-care, balance, hand-eye coordination, sensory integration, visual-perceptual and visual-motor skills.

  • Feeding Clinic

    Serving newborns to teens, the feeding clinic works with those that struggle to effectively, efficiently, safely, or enjoyably feed themselves. Family members, caregivers, pediatricians and others can also benefit from the feeding clinic offerings. Our FeedingFlyer has more detail and can be downloaded and shared.

  • Summer Camp

    Looking for additional speech-language or occupational therapy session time? But it’s summer and the kids wanna play…. so let’s combine efforts. Every summer The Hello Clinic offers evening, daytime or morning camps that center around a group treatment. Call us to inquire about Summer 2018 Summer Camps 503)517-8555.

There are many reasons individuals may require the specialized skills of a licensed speech language pathologist. Whether you visit us in our clinic or online, our experts can help with all of the following:

Articulation  ||  Accent Training or Reduction  ||  Aphasia ||  Autism  ||  Cognition and Executive Functioning  ||  Communication Coaching for the Workplace  ||  Feeding and Swallowing  ||  Motor Speech Issues  ||  Parent Support & Training  ||  Receptive & Expressive Language  ||  Sensory  ||  Social Skills  ||  Voice (including transgender transition)  ||  Stuttering  ||
And so much more!