• Step Right Up to the 2017 End of the Year Party

    Nina and Jordan Party 2017

    The Kennedy School gymnasium was transformed into a playful carnival Friday night to celebrate the successful conclusion of another Hello school year. A spinning wheel of prizes, photo station, giant jenga, cornhole, and a fun menu (complete with delicious centerpieces!) made set the scene. But the best part, as always, was the opportunity to get together with… (read more)

  • Hurrah for Occupational Therapy!

    Occupational Therapy

    April marked the 100th anniversary of the amazing and – dare I say it? โ€“ awkwardly-named profession of Occupational Therapy (OT)  ๐Ÿ™‚  I am proud of being an OT and love my work, so jumped at the chance to explain a little more about what we do, and how we can help your family. What… (read more)

  • We’re When Work Works Winners Again!

    Congratulations to the entire Hello Family! We have once again been awarded the When Work Works award by the Society for Human Resource Management in recognition of our flexible workplace practices and beliefs. This means that, for the second year in a row, we rank in the top 20% of all companies nationwide for making work… (read more)

  • May is Abloom With Clinic Tidbits

    We all know that April showers bring May flowers. Last spring, The Hello Clinic got our hands a little dirty and planted seeds with our clinic friends to grow sunflower and veggie starts. This year, Carla set up a sweet and colorful craft project making flower note cards. Paper flowers don’t require the sun or regular watering…. (read more)

  • Sailing Through Summer!

    northwest reading clinic

    Today we’re sharing a special guest post by Sara Coffey, MAT, one of the fantastic licensed teachers at Northwest Reading Clinic, Inc. As parents and educators, most of us are familiar with the dreaded Summer Slide โ€“ the data indicating that a summer break from learning results in lowered skills in September, thus feeding the… (read more)

  • Bill Conners Interviews Sharon and Jenny about Telepractice

    Sharon Soliday and Jenny Peddicord were recently invited to talk telepractice with Bill Conners of the Telepractice Certification Community. Both of these video interviews were featured in the March edition of their newsletter. We’re pleased to share them here as well. Sharon, founder and CEO of The Hello Foundation, shared how the company got started using telepractice… (read more)

  • Planning for summer and dream vacations

    You may not have noticed it yet, but summer is just around the corner. A mere few months away. Granted, many school districts around here have added some make-up snow days, which pushed the last day of school into later June. But really, summer is near. The weather has been getting warmer. Days are getting… (read more)

  • Playing (and Learning) with Board Books

    We love a good book here at The Hello Clinic. We regularly clean out our local library shelves ๐Ÿ™‚ But we love books even more when they lend themselves to interactive play. Pairing a favorite read aloud with themed play allows our kiddos to learn new skills in a structured format (the book) and then… (read more)

  • Diversity at Hello – 2017 Update

    Around this time last year, we shared our desire to work on improving the diversity among our clinicians and staff, bringing more men and people of color into our Hello family. We knew it would be a tough and slow journey. Consider the following: The American Speech-Langauge Hearing Association (ASHA) reports that 96.3% of SLPs identify… (read more)

  • Communication Development in Young Adults: 4 Red Flags

    A few weeks back, we shared a free downloadable reference on communication development red flags in preschoolers. That has been such a popular download, that we thought we’d make a new one! This one explains 4 red flags in communication development in young adults (5th to 12th grade).: Communication development in young adults is often overlooked at… (read more)