100 Stories - Sharon
Saturday, November 9th 2013

Today we're going to pull the curtain back and tell you a little bit about ourselves. Sharon is the founder of The Hello Foundation and is a great teller and keeper of stories. Here's her story.


Location: Fresno, California

Gender: Female

Age: 44

What I’m interested in working on: I want to connect people in need of help with their communication skills with some of the best professionals in the world.

Why do I want to work on this: I want to improve the lives of thousands of people. And although I’m a speech-language specialist myself, my dream to do this stems from my role as big sister.

I am the oldest of 5 children. As the oldest, I helped out with my brothers and sister often. And once I could drive, I began to help by taking them to various activities and appointments. Like a typical teenager, I was often annoyed by these assigned tasks. Except when I would take my little brother to speech. He didn’t talk much at home. Other folks talked for him. He was always a charming little kid but his frustration at not being able to express himself was obvious. It broke my heart to see him struggle at home. This sweet little boy couldn’t tell me what he wanted or what he needed. But at speech, I watched my little brother blossom. The specialist was so kind and patient and encouraging. And the specialist taught us how to work with him at home. And my brother improved. I was so proud of him. It changed his life.

What’s my big dream? To recreate that accomplishment and life changing experience for thousands of other people. Sure, it’s great that I’m a specialist. But my dream comes from being a big sister. My little brother may be in his 30s now but when I see him I think back to the little boy that hugged me so tightly after he started getting his words out. I was so proud of him. And grateful. And I watched his life change for the better.

My plan is to recreate that hug again and again.

That hug is why we want to you to Tell Us Your Story!

As you may already know, we are collecting 100 stories from individuals interested in working with one of our specialists. We will randomly choose one of the hundred to receive 5 hours of free service. So, tell us your story by emailing us your location, your gender, your age, what you're interested in working on, why you want to work on it, and what your Big Dream is.